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Affiliate Program Details

1ArtCollection Affiliate Programs


Our Affiliate Programs use various options to track referral orders, allowing our affiliates to work conveniently on Instagram, YouTube, website, TikTok, or other marketing channels.

Affiliate Links

Orders are tracked when customers make purchases via affiliate links - placed on social media, ads, websites or email.

  • Branded and personalized affiliate links.
  • 60 days cookie duration

Affiliate Coupons

Orders are tracked when customers use coupons at checkout (even without accessing via an affiliate link).

  • Auto-generated coupons
  • Auto-applied coupons if affiliate links are used.


  • Payouts via Paypal
  • Transparent
    Clear and comprehensive bills available before payouts.

  • Auto-Refunds/Exchange 
    Although we do not normally do refunds due to our pint-on-demand model, in some cases refunds are made. These are automatically updated.

  • Invoice Download
    Invoices are available for download once payouts are made.

Build your Network

Our unique Affiliate Program structure allows our affiliates to generate additional passive income by recruiting others.

'Multi-Level' Commissions
This 2-level commission structure allows our current affiliates to recruit others (R.E. agents, partners, bloggers, etc.) - and receive over-ride commission on any purchases made by their clients and referrals.

Incentives & Bonuses
Higher commission tiers and performance bonuses are attainable through sales volume levels.

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