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Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging + Great Art

Create beautiful virtually staged property images with stunning artworks
for as low as $8 per photo.

1ArtCollection Virtual Staging service includes:

Virtual Staging 
*   Furniture Removal (Included at no cost)
*   Choose from multiple design styles:
    Standard, Modern, Scandinavian, Industrial, Mid-Century, Luxury, and Coastal. 
*   Fast Turnaround
*   Economical Pricing

Extensive, High-Quality Art Collection
You can place any of the high-quality artworks and photographic art in our extensive collections in your staged rooms.


Staging Real Estate Listings has become crucial to property sales. It dramatically enhances a home’s appeal by presenting the home with stylish furnishings. 

Traditional vs. Virtual Staging

Traditional Staging creates a wonderful presentation of a home – but it is expensive, disruptive, and time-consuming. Statistics show that agents pay an average of $1,500/month to physically stage a property.

Virtual Staging, by contrast, is easy, fast, non-disruptive and inexpensive.

  • Professional Presentation at Minimal Cost - Virtual Staging delivers the same high-end visual presentation in online listings – at a fraction of the cost (as low as $8 / photo).
  • Attract & Motivate Buyers – High-quality staged listing photos grab the attention of potential buyers and motivate them to schedule showings.
  • Minimize Time-To-Market – Quickly stage photos (currently delivered within 24 hours). Have new listings online A.S.A.P.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage – Virtual Staging provides added value to clients.
  • Staged properties sell faster and for higher prices!

Virtual Staging is a proven, highly effective real estate sales tool! 
Consider These Statistics:

  • A recent study by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 97%of home buyers start their search online for home listings.
  • Visualization is powerful. Almost 90% of buyers cite listing photos as one of the most valuable features when deciding which homes to go see.
  • Listings staged with high-quality photos motivate potential buyers to schedule showings, (a large majority of buyers indicate that they won’t see a home with poor listing photos).
  • Virtually Staged home listings sell 75% faster than homes without staging.
  • 85% of staged listings sell at or above the asking price.

The numbers are clear and overwhelming!

All surveys and statistics show that Virtually Staged Home Listings with high-quality photos attract and motivate buyers – and properties sell faster and at the highest prices.

Before / After Comparisions