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Policies & Terms


We do our best to make working with us as easy as possible, and part of that effort involves being up-front about our policies and procedures.

PRINT-ON-DEMAND: 1ArtCollection.com is a Print-on-Demand company, which means that we do not maintain any inventory. All products are unique and produced only when ordered. Products go into production as soon as an order is placed into our system. Lead Time: completed for most orders are typically ready to ship within 2 - 4 business days.

This also means that returns and exchanges are not supported if you ordered the wrong size, color, or simply changed your mind.

QUALITY CONTROL:  Our print production processes utilize the latest technology and highest quality archival printing materials. In addition, orders are meticulously inspected for quality prior to shipping.

COLOR BALANCE: It is important to understand that the color balance of images viewed on computer and mobile device screens will be different on each device. Your finished print will be color-matched to the original artwork, but it may appear slightly different from what you view on your individual computer screen or mobile device. Any variation in color balance will not be considered an error or defect.

ORDER CANCELLATIONS & CHANGES:  Our production partners' facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for most of the year. The production systems are highly automated, so Print-On-Demand orders immediately move past the point of cancellation or modification at all hours of the day. Because of these factors, cancellations and/or changes cannot be made once your order is placed. (See REMAKES below)

Please review our Sizes / Previews page to choose the right size to order. Also, refer to Product Option Details - to make sure you select the desired options for print material, paper type, finish, mounting, matting, framing, and display. Double-check your order for accuracy BEFORE YOU CHECKOUT and PLACE ORDER.

1ArtCollection will not be held responsible and will not offer replacements or refunds if you ordered the wrong size or color or change your mind.

QUALITY GUARANTEE / REFUNDS:  The quality of our products is 100% guaranteed. Every print that you purchase on our websites comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if there is a manufacturing error or defect in quality. We offer a free replacement or a refund if you contact us within 30 days of product delivery.

Please Note:
We do not reimburse the outgoing or return shipping charges unless the return is due to a manufacturing error or defect in quality.

In case of an unsuccessful delivery, you can opt for either a replacement with an extra charge or a partial refund. For DTG (direct-to-garment) products, there is a tolerance of 0.5" for print placement, meaning that minor variations in the placement of the print will not be considered as defects.

REMAKESIf there is an error in, or damage to, your order - please email us immediately so the order may be corrected and/or replaced. Please include the order number and photo(s). Note: If there’s an issue affecting multiple products that use the same design, an additional photo (or video) of all affected items visible in one frame will be required for confirmation purposes.

Remakes will only be done for the same finishing services and from the original files in the original order. If you wish to make modifications to the files or services, you will need to place a new order at your cost. Remake orders will be shipped the same method as the original order.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING:  We can ship your print order to any destination in the world!  If FedEx, UPS, or DHL can get to you, then so can we! Shipping rates for all destinations are calculated and shown at checkout.

SHIPPING DAMAGE: If you receive a shipment that appears damaged, we offer a free replacement or a refund if you contact us within 30 days of product delivery.

Instructions: DO NOT REFUSE the shipment, but immediately inspect the contents, take clear PHOTOS of any damage, and contact us by email to get a remake order started. We will file the necessary claim with the shipping carrier. Shipping damage is beyond our control. We are only responsible for replacing the product on our normal production timeline with our standard shipping methods. You are responsible for any rush charges.


COOKIES:  The term “cookie” refers to any technical means to store data on a visitor’s computer for later retrieval. We don’t set tracking cookies that would require consent (legally or ethically), nor allow third parties to set cookies via our websites. We only use cookies that are “essential” or that don’t contain any personally identifiable data.

DATA PROTECTION:  Our business approach has always been to place product quality front and center, and on strong ethical foundations. Deep respect for and attention to personal data are part of our DNA.

We collect only what is necessary to: 1) Provide the service our customers request; 2) Allow our company’s legitimate operations and; 3) Comply with the laws we are subject to.

We store as little personal data as needed, for a limited duration, and it would naturally be out of question to share our users’ data with third parties outside of the scope described above.

Thank you for your business.