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Use Our Art

The goal of real estate listing photos is to attract & motivate potential buyers. The artworks in those photos can play a critical role.

Like other Virtual Staging services, we’ll remove existing furniture and stage your photos with stylish new furnishings – but we give you much more!


Boring or Beautiful

Mediocre Art
Why stage your property with stylish new furniture, but have mediocre art on the walls? Isn't the goal of staging to create a space that potential buyers can visualize living in?

Other online Virtual Staging services boast catalogs featuring 1000s of furnishing items. In reality, their selections of artworks are minimal – usually only a few dozen quality artworks – and the rest is junk.


Finely Curated, Stunning Artworks
Instead of a handful of generic, boring artworks offered by other staging websites, 1ArtCollection.com gives you access to several hundred beautiful, high-quality artworks by premier artists and photographers – with 1000s of variations – to use in staging or upgrading your listing photos.

Make your listing photos outshine the rest!


    Many Ways to Use Our Artworks


      • 1Art Virtual Staging
        Our Virtual Staging includes furniture removal, staging with stylish, new furnishings in popular design styles, PLUS access to our entire collections of artworks – for as low as $8 per staged photo.

      • Buy Art for Traditional Staging
        If you stage your properties with physical furnishings, the finishing touch is beautiful art on the walls. The right artworks can make a room come alive. Our collections offer 1000s of great options. 

        Apply for our Realtor/Designer Trade Discount Program to buy artworks at up to 35% Off*.

      • Upgrade Current Listing Photos
        If you have previously staged property listing photos, upgrade those photos to attract more listing views by adding our spectacular artworks. 
        License Commercial Use of any artwork in our collections for only $4 per image.

        Our Artwork Placement Tool will create the proper perspective and sizing, so that added artworks look natural in the staged photos.
      • Commissions / Custom Artwork
        We can customize many of our existing artworks or create commissioned art to your specifications.
      • Gifts for Valued Clients
        A gift for your valued clients is an important gesture to say, "thank you for your business". Ideally, this gift will serve as a long-lasting reminder of the service you provided and as a way to generate future referral business. Learn more.

        In the real estate industry, closing gifts are a common practice. The rule of thumb is to spend 1% to 5% of your commission on a closing gift for your clients. In upscale urban and coastal markets, $1 million+ homes are common. If you just helped your client purchase a home for $1 million. that would equate to spending $300$1,500 on a closing gift. A personalized gift basket, cutting board, or bottle of wine just isn't going to cut it.

        In financial, legal and other professions with high-net-worth clients, gifts are an ideal way to nurture your relationships with those important clients

        But finding a suitable gift that your clients will love and will stand the test of time is no easy task – with no guarantee that your clients will like it. 

      Give a Gift Your Clients Are Sure to Love

      • Let Your Clients Choose Their Own Gift 
        Why risk spending $100s on a gift your clients may not like? Rather than guessing at your client's likes and tastes, get the perfect gift for your clients by letting them choose from our collections. We have hundreds of artwork gift choices extending across all price ranges.

      • Apply for our Trade Discount Program
        You can buy artworks at up to 35% Discount. The artwork can be shipped to you, so you can deliver it personally, or shipped directly to the clients' new home – ready to hang.

      • A Gift That Keeps on Giving – For Years
        A beautiful artwork will hang on the wall in your clients' new home, providing enjoyment, for many years. That artwork will also serve as an ongoing reminder of you and the service you provided to help them acquire their new home. Plus, it creates a natural way for them to recommend you to their guests.

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