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VIRTUAL STAGING - Take It to the Next Level

Written by Douglas Page


Posted on June 26 2024

Staging real estate listings has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. Virtual Staging has now emerged as an easy and affordable alternative to traditional staging.

Most Virtual Staging websites boast catalogs with 1000s of furniture choices, but their selection of art is only a few dozen quality artworks and the rest is mediocre junk.

But, why stage with stylish new furniture and boring artwork? Isn’t the whole idea to create a space that buyers can visualize living in? That’s counterproductive.

The right art on the wall can make a room come alive.

We saw this gaping hole in the Virtual Staging market, and launched a Virtual Staging service that incorporates our extensive, finely curated collection of artworks and photographic art.

Realtors can use any artwork in our collections for free as part of our virtual staging – or UPGRADE previously staging images and existing listing photos with spectacular images from our collections for a small commercial use fee.

It is an easy and inexpensive way to outshine the competition and attract more listing views and potential buyers.

Visit www.1ArtCollection.com/staging to learn more.



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