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Q: Why should I consider Virtual Staging?

A: Virtual Staging delivers the same high-end visual presentation in online listings as traditional Staging, but at a fraction of the cost. It is fast, easy, and flexible – offering multiple design style choices.

Q:  Is Virtually Staging a photo difficult or time consuming?

A:  No. Our Virtual Staging is fast and easy. 


Q:  Do I need special design skills or tools?

A:   No. Virtual Staging can be easily ordered directly on our website.

  1. Go to PRICES / ORDER tab and select a Photo Upload package.
  2. Choose a photo from your computer to upload.
  3. Select a ROOM TYPE.
  4. Check the REMOVE FURNITURE box (if needed).
  5. Select a DESIGN STYLE.
  6. Check the Add Artworks box (FREE offer).
  7. Checkout - (staged photos are delivered via email within 24 hours). Coming Soon *Available soon: Our new AI Virtual Staging will enable DIY staging photos in minutes.


Q:  What Design Styles are available?

A: You can select from several of the most popular design styles including Coastal, Luxury, Mid-Century, Modern, Industrial, Scandinavian, and Standard/Contemporary.


Q:  Can I make changes to staged images?

A:  Yes. Currently you can request 2 design style changes to staged photos.
* Unlimited revisions will be available soon in our new AI Staging.


Q: What is the cost?

A:  Virtual Staging is very inexpensive. Single photos are only $16 for a Single Image, and as low  as $8 per image on our Pay-As-You-Go packages (See Pricing Packages).


Q:  Is Virtual Staging worth the price?

A:  Absolutely! National Association of Realtors 2023 statistics show that agents pay an average of $1,500 for traditional home staging. Virtual Staging is an amazing bargain.


Q:  Is there any downside of Virtual Staging?

A:  There is one potential downside.

A virtually staged home can look great in listing photos and make potential buyers want to schedule a showing, but when those buyers arrives to tour the home, and the furniture is not there, it becomes harder for them to envision living in the

However, that problem can also be another advantage.

Due to the flexibility offered by Virtual Staging, the agent showing the home can use an iPad or other large screen mobile device to help buyers visualize various design style options on-the-spot at the showing*. (Even more effective is to plug a laptop into a 27" monitor for a 'big screen' showing).

The agent and the buyers become partners designing the space based on the buyer’s own preferences. The empty room becomes a blank canvas upon which buyers can create their ‘dream home’.
* Available soon.


Q:  How do I add premier artworks to staged photos?

AOur Virtual Staging allows you to use any artwork in our galleries.

  1. Go to 1ArtCollection.com and browse to find artworks you want to use.
  2. Click on that image > scroll down to the PREVIEW ON YOUR WALL button.
  3. Upload your staged room photo.
  4. See our Tutorial for details.